Oct 5, 2021 • 52M

300 Mike Farrell Generate pipeline when your ICP is X, persona is Y, and messaging is Z

Bill Cushard
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Mike Farrell is the CEO of Green Leads, a pipeline generation company. Mike is a veteran of the B2B Lead generation and Sales Development industries and IT Solution provider channel. A growth expert, Mike achieved a 7x revenue increase at BAO 15 years as COO, 2x revenue growth at PC Connection (a Fortune 1000 firm) in 4 years as SVP of Sales and 20x growth at Copley Systems.

I believe pipeline generation, as measured by the metric, pipeline creation rate (PCR), is the ultimate measure of how we can bring sales and marketing teams together and minimize the dynamic of throwing leads over the fence. Sales says the leads are good enough (or there aren't enough) and marketing says the sales team need to address those leads better. If pipeline is measured by the total value of opportunities and sales is the team that is creating the opportunities, then there is implicit acceptance that a lead is good. This is just one of the things we talked about with Mike

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