Jul 17, 2020 • 44M

190 Alice Heiman If everyone owns the customer, no one owns the customer

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“Imagine a world in which people couldn’t wait to talk to a salesperson.” If all sales people were trained by Alice Heiman, that world just might exist. 

The moment I read this passage from Alice’s blog, Customers for Life: The Art of Keeping your best customers for life, I knew I had to get her on the show: 

Traditionally it was the salesperson’s job to land new accounts and keep them. Today, most organizations have separated the jobs and have salespeople looking for new business and account managers working with existing accounts to grow them. Some companies also have customer support people to assist customers. More recently, companies have started to have Customer Success departments. With all these people concerned about the customers, we should be able to retain them.

And yet somehow, it is not necessarily true. 

If everyone owns the customer, no one owns the customer. 

This is what Alice and I talk about.

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