Why Helping Sells Radio?

Helping Sells Radio is the world’d first and longest-running customer success podcast.

We started Helping Sells Radio to share in entertaining and educational conversations with enterprise technology professionals who live and work all over the customer journey from marketing to customer success. We aim to uncover innovative ways people are taking a helpful approach with customers.

We believe if we help customers, we will have better customers.

Hence the name, Helping Sells Radio.

…because helping sells


Marketing can be helpful. We don't have to optimize every click-through-rate.

Sales can be helpful. We don't have to close a deal on every call.

Customer success can help helpful. We don't have to make every go-live date precisely on the pre-defined deadline.

Professional services can helpful. We don't have to nickel and dime every billable hour.

Support can be helpful. We don't have to reduce time to resolution to zero.

No matter where in the customer journey we interaction with customers, can’t we just be helpful?

Talking about how we can do that is why we started Helping Sells Radio.

People seem to like the idea

“My Favorite Customer Success Podcast. Over the past several months the Helping Sells Radio podcast has become my favorite customer success podcast. Bill has a great talent for facilitating thought provoking conversations and asking meaningful questions of his guests. Each time I listen I walk away with new ideas and learnings. He is helping advance the customer success discipline with each episode.”

Dave Duke, founder and CEO, MetaCX (Apple Podcast Review)

…but that’s not the only one.

“Relevant, short & engaging Podcast for Software Leaders, by Software Leaders. Bill & Sarah are passionate and fun co-hosts who call on thought-leaders to share their ideas and best practices in an array of verticals & on business topics that are relevant in sales, customer success and marketing. Looking forward to hearing the next edition!”

Emilia D’Anzica, founder of Customer Growth Advisors and Partner, Winning by Design (Apple Podcast Review)

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The worlds's longest running customer success podcast. We believe customer success is a philosophy and business model innovation, not a department. What do you believe?


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