Tendayi Viki The true value creation in innovation

When we embark on a new project, we have a decision to make: tackle the project itself OR set it up so that future projects can go through the systems and processes that we set up with less friction and a better chance to succeed. Said another way, should we treat projects as "one-offs" or should we create the environment in which future leaders can follow our tracks and create repeatable value.

Tendayi Viki, associate partner at Strategyzer and author of "Pirates in the Navy" talks about this dynamic in this clip of our full conversation on Helping Sells Radio.

I am sold.

The message he is communicating is that the outcome of a project should not be the outcome of the project itself. Rather, if we do it right, the outcome should be the process by which future projects can be planned and delivered.

The product is the process.


This is how we build lasting and repeatable value.

Bill Cushard