Jan 13, 2021 • 13M

226 Scale thinking. Or I don't want to talk to customers | Podcast #10

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Helping Sells Radio is the enterprise software podcast for people who want to help customers achieve outcomes with software. We talk to technology professionals who work all over the customer journey, from marketing and sales to customer success and professional services, to unpack innovative ways people are taking a helpful approach with customers. Brought to you by ServiceRocket Media.
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We are taking Christopher Lochhead’s advice and trying the world’s first customer success podstorm. You’ve heard of a tweet storm. Well…this is a podstorm. 30 days of strategies and ideas to help you grow your customers so you can grow your companies. And maybe even grow your career. 

In today’s podstorm, we talk about doing things that don’t scale. We are obsessed with building things that will scale, and that attitude is holding us back. 

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A few shout-outs to friends of the podcast.

To our good friends at the Customer Success Leadership Network. If you believe customer success is a team sport and that it should be part of every one’s job, then you should join your new friends at customersuccessnetwork.com

To my good friends at Business of Software, who have built an incredible and welcoming community of SaaS leaders to help you build a better software company with carefully curated online conferences and masterclasses. The content is just excellent. Go check ‘em out at businessofsoftware.org.

To my good friends at Strategyzer who have helped me innovate my business model, design value propositions that actually help customers, and set me on the path to build an invincible company. Check out Strategyzer.com and learn how they can help you do the same. 

World's first customer success podstorm - Bill Cushard podcast