Jul 10, 2020 • 1HR 1M

189 Skip the Budget, Learn to Forecast with Megan Macaluso | Podstorm #2

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Bill Cushard
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Welcome to a special episode of Helping Sells Radio. Actually, It’s an experiment. The experiment is a series of episodes we’re going to call a Podstorm. Hat tip to Christopher Lochhead for “inventing” the term podstorm and giving us the idea to try it. 

In this podstorm Megan Macaluso, VP of customer success and operations at ESG is BACK. And we are going to continue with our theme of ranting about work...and this episode: “Things That Drive Us Nuts at Work, But We Still Do Anyway. Except That We Blame Others for Doing It. Because Of Course We Don’t Do These Things. Other People Do.”

In this episode we talk about asking for a budget versus planning and forecasting. 

In their book, “Simple numbers, straight talk, big profits: 4 keys to unlock your business potential,”  Greg Crabtree and Beverly Blair Harzog write, “A budget is a license to spend; a forecast is your roadmap to profitability.” Saying that you don’t need a budget, you need a business model and a forecast you are willing to act on.

Reading that was a mind-blown moment for me. I wrote about it on Linkedin.

Megan and I hash it out.

The books we mentioned:

  1. Simple numbers, straight talk, big profits: 4 keys to unlock your business potential

  2. How to be a fierce competitor: What winning companies and great managers do in tough times