188 Megan Macaluso Product Adoption is a Fool’s Errand | Helping Sells Podstorm #1


This is a special episode of Helping Sells Radio. Actually, It’s an experiment. The experiment is a series of episodes we’re going to call a Podstorm. Hat tip to Christopher Lochhead for “inventing” the term podstorm and giving us the idea to try it. 

Our first podstorm is with Megan Macaluso, VP of customer success and operations at ESG. The name of this episode is called: “Things That Drive Us Nuts at Work, But We Still Do Anyway. Except That We Blame Others for Doing It. Because Of Course We Don’t Do These Things. Other People Do.”

On this episode, we talk about:

  1. Contact hoarding

  2. Adoption is a fool’s errand

  3. Death By synergy

Basically, Megan and I just recorded what would otherwise be a normal phone call between us. 


Here is a link to Kerry Bondine’s Journey Mapping Workshop that Megan attended: https://kerrybodine.com/customer-journeys/bootcamp/